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Hey, I’m Jaron Mitchell

I'm a driven individual with big dreams and 10X goals, dedicated to winning with my company, W1NNING MITCHELL. As the founder, CEO, and business owner of W1NNING MITCHELL, co-founder of PoFoaks Clothing, and host of the Create Like A God podcast with over 181 episodes, I am passionate about helping artists become successful artistpreneurs and W1N.I have a background in online marketing and computer animation and have been investing in myself since 2016, learning from my mistakes so that others don't have to. I've experienced adversity, including being homeless twice while attending the Los Angeles Film School and building my online business driving for Uber and Lyft. Through my journey, I have discovered that being an artist is like being an entrepreneur; many artists focus only on creating, neglecting the critical roles of sales and marketing, as well as taking care of their health. While guiding others in building their online businesses, I also offer an eight-week course to help artists shift their mindset and become successful artistpreneurs, emphasizing the importance of treating their art as a business. With my investment in myself and my vision, I believe I can stand out in the gaming and animation industry, working on projects like Fallen The Son Of Synn, God Atom, and many more along the way being a manga/comic series for these IPS. Not to forget to help many others along the way to W1N.

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