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This is the library of Jaron Mitchell's comic creation and collaboration of manga/ comics book creators even their manga might be apart of it 

 Fallen, blessed with the Constellation of the Grandcycle Zodiac Gemini and his younger brother, Trynn, are looking for a mysterious being that brings fear among the supernatural world named Synn. It is said that an ancient legendary species within the realm of the supernatural world, were never supposed to exist.

Written & Illustration By Jaron W Mitchell 


Willow and her Sister Monay Creed are both hybrid of a demon and a human, who is now is a United States military branch called the United States, Supernatural Force.


The United States Supernatural Force is powerful gifted beings with amazing supernatural abilities a task unit is known as Half-Bloods...

Written & Illustration By Jaron W Mitchell 

Coming To Webtoons 

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