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11.5pH Strong Kangen Water

1. GOOD NIGHT SLEEP: Drink 1/2-1 ounce (15-30ml) of 11.5pH before bedtime to help release Melatonin for a great night's sleep.

2. EYE WASH: Rinse eyes with an eye cup. Upon removing the eye cup from its packaging, soak in Strong Acidic Water 2.5pH for 1-2 minutes to clean and disinfect. Rinse the eye-cup thoroughly with Strong Alkaline Water 11.5pH.

Fill the cup, following package directions, with Strong Alkaline Water 11.5pH. Wash your eyes following package directions for approximately 1 minute. Toss the water away and disinfect again with strong addictive water. Repeat the steps for the second eye. To maintain healthy eyes, follow this protocol 1-3 times a week. When working to improve any eye condition, follow this protocol at least 2 times daily and up to 10 times per day.

3. GREASE IN EYE: Spray 11.5pH as needed to soothe and heal the eye.

4.MAKE UP REMOVER: Spray on eyes to dissolve and remove make-up.

5. PUFFY EYES: Spray on eyes to reduce puffiness.

6 HOT BATH SOAK: Use 1 gallon of 11.5pH added right at the end of filling the tub. This replaces Epsom Salts or another remedy. This works even better if you have the Anespa DX from Enagic.

7. ALLERGIES, COLD SYMPTOMS, SNORING: Use as a nasal wash when sinuses are plugged. Due to the reduction in inflammation of nasal passages, this technique can also reduce snoring.

8. BUG SPRAY REPELLANT, SUNBURN, PAIN, BUG BITES, SWELLING: Spray or soak areas with a towel soaked in 11.5pH and keep wet by adding small amounts of 11.5pH to the towel for a minimum of 30 minutes twice a day. It works even better if done for 1 hour twice daily.

9. HEART BURN, INDIGESTION, FOOD POISONING, STOMACH FLU: Drink 1/4 cup (or 60ml) of fresh 11.5pH immediately followed by 25 ounces (740ml) of 9.5pH, then do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes. Repeat the next day only if necessary.

10. ARTHRITIS, GOUT, MUSCLE SORENESS, TISSUE INJURIES: Since high alkalinity draws out acids, you can use the 11.5pH to soak in to 'pull out' acids associated with inflammation, injury and pain.

11. HANGOVERS, MIGRAINES: 11.5pH can prevent hangovers. Drink several ounces as soon as you feel the migraine coming on.

12. CHEMOTHERAPY: Drink 11.5pH with chemotherapy. The benefits are that side effects are lessened. It reverses metabolic acidosis, and the antioxidants are good for any point in chemotherapy. Apply 11.5pH on the skin twice a day for burns due to chemotherapy.

13. STROKE: Drink as much 11.5pH as you are able if you feel a stroke coming on, to provide potent alkalinity to overcome severe acidosis causing the stroke.

14. FRUITS & VEGGIES: Soak it in 11.5pH for a minimum of 5 minutes to emulsify and clean off pesticides, then rinse with 9.5pH. Clean and revitalize.

15. ICE CUBES: Make ice cubes with 11.5pH to help off-set acidic drinks like soda and coffee.

16. RICE, BEANS, LEGUMES: Soak it in 11.5pH for 5-10 minutes and rinse clean with low flow 9.5pH. Soak the dried beans and pees for 1 hour to speed up cooking.

17. MEAT: Soak everything in 11.5pH for 5-10 minutes for cleaning and tenderizing.

18. LAUNDRY SOAP: Use 1-2L of 11.5pH per load in place of laundry soap. Works beautifully for greasy smells like fast-food restaurant work clothes. Add a few drops of essential oils for a fresh smell.

19. STAINS ON CLOTHES, RUGS, CARPETS: Use 11.5pH as a degreaser for any type of cleaning. Clean the oil-based stains by soaking the area and letting them sit for 10-20 minutes and then blot out carpets or wash clothes by the following number 18 on this list.

20. CLEAN OVEN, CLOGGED SINKS, TUBS: Clean oven with scratch pad and 11.5pH. Replaces chemical cleaner when dissolving grease and grime in the kitchen. Use instead of chemical products for clogged sinks and bathtubs.

21. POLISH SILVER: Soak silver in 11.5pH and polish.

22. PAINT THINNER: After using oil-based paints, use 11.5pH to clean up.

23. GOO GONE: Use 11.5pH to remove greasy, gooey, gummy, sticky problems.

24. SPROUTING: Soak nuts, seeds or grains in 11.5pH for 1 hour to speed up sprouting.

25. SALAD: Add 1 tbs of 11.5pH to salad dressings to keep the oil emulsified.

26. FISH, CHICKEN: Soak fish and chicken in 11.5pH to clean and tenderize.

27. DIGESTION: Drink 1 ounce (30ml) of 11.5pH 45 minutes before meals to enhance digestion. Don't drink anything during the meal and 30 minutes after.

28. STEAM OR BLANCH VEGGIES: Use 11.5pH to enhance the flavour when making steam or blanch vegetables.

29. CLOTHES, LINEN SPRAY: Mix 11.5pH with a few drops of essential oils in a spray bottle. Use as refreshing linen spray.

30. SOAP & LOTIONS: Use 11.5pH to emulsify oils for making soaps and lotions.

31. DARK CLOTHING DYE: Use 11.5pH to dye dark colored clothing.

32. DETOX: Soak your feet in 11.5pH for 20 minutes one or more times a week to aid your body's detoxification process.

11.5pH Strong Kangen Water

33. SOUPS: Cook all soups with 9.5pH Kangen Water for more flavour.

34. STIR FRY: Stir fry with 9.5pH to steam.

35. WEIGHT LOSS: Drink a glass of 9.5pH Kangen Water when you're thinking about having a snack. Wait 30 minutes and if you're still hungry, eat the snack. Most people are so dehydrated that their first mechanism is to think they are hungry and really they just need water.

36. GREY HAIR: Drinking Kangen Water 9.5pH can often return to its original hair color due to the cells repairing.

37. VISION: Drinking Kangen Water 9.5pH can improve vision.

38. SPIDER VEINS: Drinking Kangen WaterTM 9.5pH can over time improve spider veins due to the cells repairing.

39. AROMATHERAPY, SPRITZER: Put any herb like rosemary or lavender in a spray bottle filled with Kangen Water 9.5pH, let it set for a couple of hours and use as a spritzer in your house for aromatherapy and an air freshener.

40. COFFEE, TEA: Make coffee and tea with Kangen Water 9.5pH to increase flavours, colours, nutritional value, and decrease the acidity of coffee.

41.PETS: Use Kangen Water as drinking water for pets. They love it!

42.COOKING: Use Kangen Water as cooking liquid for potatoes, grains, dried beans or peas, pasta, etc. to increase flavour and alkalinity.

43. BROTH: Use Kangen Water as the cooking liquid for broth to extract the maximum vitamins and minerals from the vegetables and meats.

44. PLANTS: Water seedlings or sick plants with Kangen Water.

45. FLOWERS: Use Kangen Water for vases of cut flowers to extend fresh appearance.

46. PROTEIN SHAKES: Use Kangen Water 8.5-9.5pH to make protein shakes. Dissolves the powder more rapidly and absorbs nutrients more efficiently.

47.DRINKING WATER: Drink at least 3L of Kangen WaterTM everyday. Kangen Water is high in molecular hydrogen, antioxidants and minerals. It improves health at every level since day 1 and in the long term by hydrating and repairing each cell of the body down to its DNA..

7.0pH Clean Water

48. MEALS: Drink with meals only if necessary. (It is not recommended to drink water 30 minutes before a meal and up to 45 minutes after eating in order for the body to digest the food correctly.)

49. BABY FORMULA: Use Clean Water 7.0pH for making baby formula

50. MEDICATION: Drink Clean Water 7.0pH with fast dissolving medication. (Kangen Water would dissolve it too quickly and could diminish its effect.).

6.0pH Beauty Water (Same pH as rain, skin and hair)

51. FACIAL SOAP: Use 6.0pH to clean the face twice a day as a facial soap. Spray on the face after cleaning.

52. HAIR CONDITIONER: Rinse your hair with 6.0pH after showering or bathing to soften your hair instead of a conditioner. Try not to use a conditioner of any kind as this coats the hair. Makes your hair soft, shiny and healthy. Many users report significant hair re-growth.

53. SKIN TONER: Use 6.0pH as a final rinse in shower or bath to tone and firm skin.

54. RASHES, DIAPER RASH: Spray 6.0pH on skin to soothe and heal rashes, including diaper rash.

55. PETS: Bathe pets with 6.0pH for more lustrous coats.

56. PLANTS: Water indoor and outdoor plants with 6.0pH for vigorous growth. It can revive dying plants.

57. FREEZING FOOD: Spray 6.0pH on food before freezing (including fish and shrimps) so that food does not lose its flavour.

58. ANTHOCYANINS: Use 6.0pH to wash and prepare fruits and veggies containing anthocyanin (plums, grapes, cherries, strawberries, red cabbage, eggplant, soy beans, asparagus...)

59. FABRIC SOFTENER: Use 1 gallon of 6.0pH in the rinse cycle during laundry instead of fabric softener.

60. EYEGLASSES: Use 6.0pH to clean lenses.

61. REPLACES 'WINDEX: Beauty Water 6.0pH replaces all window and mirror cleaners.

62. HARDWOOD FLOORS, CERAMIC TILES: Use 6.0pH for polishing and housecleaning (hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, etc.).

63. LINES, WRINKLES: Mix 6.0pH with essential oils, spray on skin to hydrate, reduce lines and wrinkles, tone skin and produce younger, healthier skin..

​2.5pH Strong acidic water (hypochlorous acid)

64. MICROBES: Pre-rinse or spray all fruits, veggies and meat with 2.5pH and let sit for 1 minute before soaking in 11.5pH (see numbers 14-17-26). This will eliminate all microbes, MRSA and infections.

65. DISINFECTING: Use 2.5pH for disinfecting anything instead of using unhealthy chemical products.

66. ANTI-BACTERIAL SOAP: Use 2.5pH in place of anti-bacterial soap for a chemical-free disinfection.

67. HARD WATER SPOTS, RUST: Clean hard water spots off chrome and rust off metal with 2.5pH.

68. FACIAL LIFTING AND TIGHTENING: Spray face and neck (not eyes!) with 2.5pH and rub skin upward until dry. Finish by spraying with Beauty Water 6.0pH to tone your skin.

69. TEETH: After brushing your teeth, gargle with 2.5pH for 1 minute (don't swallow!) and then rinse with Kangen Water for 30 seconds to restore the natural pH. This procedure will prevent or resolve periodontal disease and thrush, and avoid root canals. Kills the bacteria that causes gingivitis, and provides a gentle, safe bleaching of the teeth.

70. VOMITING: Drink 1-2 Tbsp of 2.5pH to stop vomiting.

71. OPEN WOUNDS, BURNS, INFECTIONS, BLEEDING, CANDIDA: Hypochlorous acid kills pathogens and bacteria. Use 2.5pH to disinfect and aid in healing cuts, scrapes, burns, etc. Clean twice a day until healed. Do not use any other ointments as they only attract microbes by keeping the area moist and sticky.

72. INFECTED SINUSES: Fill up a nasal spray bottle with 2.5pH and a second one with strong alkaline water,11.5pH. Spray in each nostril and wait 2 minutes, then flush with 11.5pH. Repeat this procedure twice a day for 2 days.

73. NAIL FUNGUS: Spray or soak in 2.5pH twice a day until healed.

74. PINK EYE: Spray an infected eye several times throughout the day and it will clear up.

75. SORE THROAT, STREP THROAT, COUGH: Gargle with 2.5pH 3-4 times a day or put some 2.5pH into a spray bottle and spray into the throat.

76. POISON IVY: Spray 2.5pH on infected area as often as needed. It will slow down itching and dry up poison ivy much quicker.

77. FEVER BLISTERS, CANCER SORES: Spray or gargle with 2.5pH to stop and dry up both.

78. MOLES & WARTS: If you see something abnormal on your skin you may want to soak a gauze pad on a band aid with 2.5pH and apply it over the area. Change the band aid at least once a day. Often, this process requires 30-60 days before seeing results.

79. MENSTRUAL CUP: Soak your cup in 2.5pH for a few minutes then rinse with clean water (7.0pH). It will disinfect and eliminate odours.

80. DEODORANT: Spray your armpits with 11.5pH (you can add a few drops of essential oils if desired) then spray with 2.5pH to eliminate bacteria.

81. FLEAS: Spray 2.5pH on the fur of pets with fleas. If needed, spray and clean the house with 2.5pH to eliminate fleas.

82. PLANTS: Spray plants with 11.5pH first. Let dry then spray with 2.5pH instead of chemical insect repellent.

83. ACNE: Apply 2.5pH on pimples to eliminate bacteria and viruses and speed up healing.

84. HAND SANITIZER: Carry some 2.5pH in a small spray bottle to use as a hand sanitizer.

85. PLANTS: Water acid-loving plants with 2.5pH 3 times during the growing season to produce vigorous growth and more blossoms.

86. COFFEE & TEA: Use 2.5pH to clean coffee and tea stains from cups.

87. CLOTHES & LINEN BLEACHING: Soak in 2.5pH overnight instead of using chemical bleach, then put them through a rinse cycle in the washer before continuing with the instructions for general laundry (see number 18).

88. BABIES: Use 2.5pH to clean and disinfect babies' toys, high chairs, diaper changing surfaces, crib rails, etc. For safe cleaning without chemicals.

89. RUGS AND CARPETS: Pet odours can be eliminated with 2.5pH without removing or fading the colours of the carpet or rug, including hand woven Persian rugs. For an overall cleaning, use a steam cleaner and 11.5pH strong Kangen Water. To add a fresh scent to your carpets, add 10 drops of essential oil to the final rinse water.

90. SOAP SCUM: Spray 2.5pH on tiles to remove soap scum.

91. HARD WATER: Spray 2.5pH on hard water spots and rings, then scrub with a soft brush.

92. LIMESCALE: Detach the shower head and soak in a basin of 2.5pH for at least 30 minutes, then scrub with a medium bristle brush.

93. PROTEIN-BASED STAINS: Use 2.5pH to clean up protein-based stains. For oil-based stains, clean with 11.5pH strong Kangen Water.

94. BEDS: Spray 2.5pH on mattress, pad, blankets and pillows as an anti-microbial. A fine mist is appropriate. Allow them to fully dry then follow up with a light misting with your room spray (see number29).

​Additional skin condition remedies:


1. Rinse with 11.5pH strong alkaline water to remove excess oils from the skin.

2. Cleanse with a non-soap cleanser and 4-6pH mild acidic water (beauty water).

3. With a cotton swab, dab 2.5pH strong acidic water on any active blemishes or broken skin.

4. Tone with 4-6pH beauty water in a glass bottle with a fine spray mister.

5. Repeat morning and bedtime.

6.Tone multiple times per day to keep skin hydrated.


1. Cleanse with non-soap cleanser and 4-5pH mild acidic water (beauty water) and pat dry.

2. With a cotton swab, dab 2.5pH of strong acidic water on any broken skin and let it dry.

3. Hydrate the skin with 4-6pH mild acidic water (beauty water) in a glass bottle with a fine spray mist setting.

4. Repeat after each diaper change.

Diaper rash begins with urine and feces that are too acidic. To prevent diaper rash, begin by making certain that your baby is properly hydrated with 8.5-9.5pH Kangen Water.

Next, replace baby wipes with a container filled with soft clothes or unbleached paper towels and Mild Acidic Water (beauty water).

Use to cleanse the diaper area each time you change your baby, pat them dry, and then apply a very fine mist to the skin.

This assists in keeping the pH of the skin balanced.

More Water info!


It is recommended that everyone who chooses to drink Kangen Water start by drinking 8.5pH water.

Drink at least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces each day (Read below for your personal measures). If you do physically demanding work, participate in strenuous athletics, or are dealing with 'sickness issues', you need to drink more Kangen Water to help your body move towards and achieve homeostasis.

In these situations, it is recommended that you drink at least 3/4 of your body weight in ounces, and drinking 1 ounce per pound of body weight per day produces real 'miracles'. It has been observed that people who drink a minimum of 3/4 of their body weight in ounces of Kangen Water per day see the quickest results.

After successfully drinking the suggested amount of 8.5pH Kangen Water for 2 weeks without experiencing any discomfort while drinking the water other than frequency of urination, then you may choose to increase the water pH level up to 9.0pH. Continue drinking the suggested amount of water at this setting each day for at least 2 more weeks.

After successfully drinking the suggested amount of 9.0pH Kangen Water without experiencing any discomfort while drinking the water other than frequency of urination, then you may choose to increase the water pH level up to 9.5pH.

Cleansing symptoms: Occasionally we find people that experience 'cleansing' symptoms.

These are typically caused by the body releasing stored toxins and acidic wastes. If you experience any 'cleansing' types of symptoms (such as headaches, skin eruptions, loose bowels, coughing, etc.) when you start on the 8.5pH water, then you should increase the amount of water you are drinking to help neutralize and flush the toxins from your system.

If you experience these symptoms after increasing the pH of the water you are consuming, then go back to the last pH setting that you were able to drink without experiencing these symptoms and increase the amount of water that you consume until these symptoms stop.

If the reaction gets too severe, one should back off the pH but INCREASE the volume of water ingested.

To determine how much water your body needs:

- Convert weight into pounds (lbs.).
- Divide weight (lbs.) per 2.
- Convert that number into ounces, then into milliliters if needed.
Example: A person weighing 150lbs would need to drink a minimum of 75 ounces of water per day to be appropriately hydrate

To determine how much water your body needs:

- Increase the amount of water by an additional 20 to 40%
- 45 minutes before meals, drink 4oz (118ml) of 11.5pH strong alkaline water followed by 20-32oz (590-950ml) of 9.5pH Kangen Water.

With the first bite of food, swallow 2-4 tbsp of 2.5pH strong acidic water.
Wait at least 30 minutes after meals to drink any additional liquids.
- Sip the remaining water throughout the day.

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