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Fallen, blessed with the Constellation of the Grandcycle Zodiac Gemini and his younger brother, Trynn, are looking for a mysterious being that brings fear among the supernatural world named Synn. It is said that an ancient legendary species within the realm of the supernatural world, were never supposed to exist. However, it had never been documented in the world of the living and it is believed to be a mythological race in the realm of the supernatural. Due to Fallen and Trynn memories that were lost a year ago in 2050 from an unknown disaster on Earth, their past remains a mystery.

  With their fellow gifted allies and the people that were saved, they will accompany Fallen and Trynn on their quest. Fallen and Trynn will learn that there will be obscure challenges to finding Synn, the man that claims to be their father and tracing his unknown race. With many enemies throughout their quest who either wants them dead or wants their power for their own evil ambitions, they’ve become a great threat in the supernatural world.


  While on their quest they must protect the humans from the unknown dangers that will be brought upon the human world. Can Fallen and Trynn conquer the horrors that are yet to come to destroy humanity?


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